We’re all on social media, and guess what? Recruiters and hiring managers are aware of this. So, to go beyond what we present to them on our CVs/resumes, they may be scanning or snooping on our social media pages. Some of our preferences, from religion to politics and even to our use of language can easily persuade them to trash or not consider our application further. Make sure your social media is not sabotaging your job search.

Things you post on social media that can hinder your job search

how social media can sabotage job search

Personal beliefs can sometimes sabotage your job search

Your beliefs, especially if they come across too strong, can make the person at the other end, the hiring manager, reconsider your application after viewing your profile. Why? What if their belief was the complete opposite?

In an ideal world all of us would be entitled to our beliefs, but we don’t live in that world. Many of us strive to, but we know at times it’s impossible to respect everyone’s views.

So, keep it to yourself or share it with those with similar beliefs, and not the public when you are job searching.

Too much exhibition of private life

If you keep putting your private life on display, you can appear a little, while… unhindered! Or even stupid!

That’s not the impression you want to give to a potential employer. Keep your private life, PRIVATE!

Coming across inappropriate for your sector

If, for an example, you are looking for a job as an editor, but all your social media posts are full of grammatical and spelling errors it will reflect badly on you. And even have your application dismissed.

Too many photos of you partying

Too many photos of you at parties and drunk will also send the wrong image to certain employers.

They may believe you will walk into the office on Mondays with a hangover.

How to avoid being sabotaged by social media

To avoid being sabotaged by social media, it’s important to know what can hinder your job search and how to stay in control. Below are a few tips…

Create a professional presence

If you are using your real name and identity, which is recommended to do so on many social media platforms, it is best to create a professional one, especially if you want it to be appealing to recruiters.

Don’t share too much personal information. Stay away from sensitive topics and show your interest in your profession and sector.

Make your social media profiles private

It’s not hard; keep your personal life private. In other words, if you are using social media to exhibit your everyday life and interests, keep it private so it’s only seen by those you share your data with. Check the settings on your social media pages and make sure what’s available to the public is what you would want your future manager to know or see.

Use your social media to your advantage

Social media can be a powerful tool that can aid your job search, instead of sabotaging it. Use it to your advantage. Follow the right companies, hiring managers and let them see you. You may find them to be the ones to get in contact first.

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