LinkedIn Profile Writing Tips

LinkedIn is a networking site that enables you to connect with professionals and businesses. To get the best out of it, it is important to have a well written profile that connects with the right people. If you are not sure how to write an attractive profile that will market your skills effectively, follow these LinkedIn profile writing tips:

Use a strong headline

The headline should be short sentences that summarise who you are (professionally) and it should encourage the right recruiters and hiring managers to find you. Do not use a lot of sentences, two or three will do.

An example of a headline: “Retail Buying and Sales Expert | Extensive Expertise in Consumer Purchasing Patterns and Business Development.”

Summary section

Use this space to give more information about yourself, while expanding on the headline. Make it clear and concise, so recruiters and anyone interested in connecting with you can easily find you. Unlike a CV/resume, this summary section is written in the first person. Don’t copy and paste from your CV, be creative and reword it.

An expertise and skills section

This section is designed to showcase your skills and expertise. You can list up to 50 skills, which can be used by recruiters to find you when they search for keywords. Your connections also have the opportunity to endorse these skills, which may encourage recruiters to get in touch. The more endorsements you have in this section, the more likely you will show up in search lists.

Work experience section

Use this section to list your jobs and the companies you worked for. Differentiate it from your CV as much as you can without losing the content. In other words, try not to use the exact same sentences or bullet points on your CV, so if a recruiter asks for your CV they are not reading your profile again.

Like a CV, list your most recent position first, then work your way back. For the current role, write in the present tense and for past roles use the past tense. Recruiters like to see achievements, so strongly highlight these – as you would on a CV. 

Education/ certification section

The last of our LinkedIn profile writing tips is to create an eduction section. You can provide details of your education here – it is quite similar to how you would list it on a CV. There is also a section where you can provide details of any certification or courses you took.

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