There are a lot of questions around CV/resume writing and many people often receive confusing answers. By the way, the same document is referred to as CV or resume depending on what part of the world you are in, except in the US where both names are used but for different documents. As we are based in the UK we will use the preferred term for CV/resume, which is CV here. One of the things often enquired by those looking for answers is if using a CV building site is a good idea.

The answer can be yes and no! Yes, you can find a template on a CV building site that helps you to construct the outline of your CV, but it will not really help to sell your skills in the way a professional CV writer can. So no, using a CV building site is not always a good idea.

What CV building sites do

They provide a template, like the one below, and you fill in the information

CV Building site

What CV/resume building websites do is to provide you with a template that lets you create a website.

The way it helps to build your CV is by providing titles, headlines and a few suggested sentences and you fill in your information. These divided sections include work experience, education and other skills.

They also provide you with their own designs and layouts.

They do not write your CV

CV builders do not write your CV for you. Therefore, although they will provide a guideline, they will not write it or build it in a way that tailors your CV for your desired role in order for you to get shortlisted for jobs.

How do they compare to a CV writer?

A CV writer is firstly a human who gets to know you in order to create the perfect CV. They will also be able to pick up on your mistakes whether it’s grammatical or lack of mention of key skills and key achievements, and finally they will tailor your CV for the desired role.

They don’t get to know your strengths and weaknesses

CV builders do not really get to know your skills. They can give you suggestions, but it takes a knowledgeable human to really ask you personalised questions to give your CV the competitive edge.

That’s why we recommend using the service of professional CV writers instead. They will help you to build a CV that showcases your skills and achievements in the best way, so you get the interviews.

You can also use helpful CV writing guides like this one. If you would like to receive a free CV review, get in contact here.

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