A CV or resume (as it’s known in some countries) is a document you supply to hiring companies and recruitment agencies. It gives details of your experience and suitability for a job. There are many companies and individuals you can hire now to write you the perfect CV/resume. We give you 5 reasons to hire a professional CV/resume writer.

Reasons to hire a professional CV writer

1. CV/resume writers know what recruiters want

One of the reasons to hire a professional CV/resume writer is that many of them come from a recruitment background or were trained as CV writers. Therefore, they know what recruiters want to see on your CV/resume: From the right keywords to use, to layout and structure. And, of course, what they do not want to see on a CV. See this earlier article on what not to include on your CV.

2. They are not afraid to showcase your talent

You may see it as boastful, but they see it as showcasing your skills and talent in a way that attracts recruiters’ attention. At The Write CV Cover, we never write to exaggerate your experience; we highlight it so your CV/resume is seen by the hiring managers.

3. Professional CV/resume writers know how to pass the ATS test

Did you know that many companies now use an applicant tracking system (ATS) test and almost 75% of CVs/resumes never make it to the recruiters screen?

The ATS is a type of software used by companies and recruiters to process job applications. It is designed to select the right applicants – based on what’s written on their CV – and reject those who don’t meet the job requirements. If a CV isn’t written or formatted correctly, it will be rejected.

Professional CV/resume writers know how to get your application pass this test, so it is seen by the recruiters and hiring managers.

4. They are professional writers

They are professional writers, so grammar mistakes and spelling errors will not be the reason your application is not attracting attention. Professional CV writers will use the correct words and sentences to convey your knowledge and skills to grab the attention of the hiring managers.

5. They have the time

The last of our reasons to hire a professional CV/resume writer is because you’re a busy professional who wants their CV/resume, cover letter and/or LinkedIn profile updated, but with very little time. You’ve been meaning to do it for weeks (or months) but just haven’t got around to it. Then get a professional to write it for you. They have the time and resources, and will do a better job as they have been trained to write CVs.

The Write CV Cover offers top quality service at an affordable price. To get a quote, contact us here and we will get back to you.

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