key differences between a LinkedIn profile and a CV

Although they both provide a summary of your career, there are differences in how these summaries are presented. Here, we give you 4 key differences between a LinkedIn profile and a CV.

1. LinkedIn profiles are more relaxed

One of the key differences between a LinkedIn profile and a CV is that LinkedIn profile tends to be more relaxed to reflect the nature of the medium – a social networking site. You can add a profile picture, although they tend to be professional ones, of course. On LinkedIn profiles you can also avoid the rigid third-person, so you can present yourself as you, using “I” and “me”.

As LinkedIn’s purpose is to network, you can also add your colleagues and people from your industry to your network and end up having hundreds of followers.

CV on the other hand, is a clear and concise document that summarises your work and educational history – written with the purpose of securing a job. Pictures are strongly discouraged by most recruiters.

2. LinkedIn profiles are not tailored

Unlike a CV where one has to tailor it to a particular role to get noticed, a LinkedIn profile is not tailored and so shouldn’t be written with a specific job in mind. You will only have one profile, and it should present a summary of your experiences, education and skills to your followers and network.

Most people will not have just one CV but several, each tailored to the role they are applying for. It should be written in such way that it matches the job requirements.

3. LinkedIn allows you to add links, CV does not

As LinkedIn is a networking site, it allows you the opportunity to share links, including presentations, videos and articles. In this regard, it can be a more powerful tool than a CV as it can give recruiters more insights into your professional life.

CVs are shorter – ideally one to two pages – and should not include any media or images. CVs should be written in clear and concise manner, using easy to read fonts and sizes.

4. LinkedIn profiles are public

CVs are private documents intended to be shared with recruiters and hiring managers only, while LinkedIn is a public platform. The information you share there is available to those in your network, and if you choose to make your profile public it can be viewed by anyone. It is therefore wise not share any private information such as your telephone number, email address and location.

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