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There no magic words that can be used by anyone, regardless of the industry/role, to make their CV standout from the rest. However, there are keywords or phrases typically associated with certain professions or roles that can make a CV standout. These keywords vary from job to job, so it’s important you use the correct keywords to match the job posting.

For someone who is applying for a position in sales, keywords and phrases like “accounts” and “results-driven” may appear on their CV. For an analyst then words like “analysis” and “data” may be used in the job posting or the CV.

The best way to enhance your CV is to show that you have the relevant skills and knowledge for the position. Read the job specification/description and write your CV accordingly. If you are applying for a role in sales, you may see more keywords like “figures” and “goals” mentioned in the job description. By clearly stating that you exceeded targets or always achieved the expected results in your last role, you will show that you are quite possibly the right candidate for the sales position.

For a store management role, expect to see keywords and phrases that show you are an effective leader with demonstrable experience in achieving sales figures. Common words and phrases used include: train, motivate, customer service, merchandise, facility maintenance and sales goals. If you can effectively demonstrate how well you did in these areas, and all the other relevant areas, you will come across as an ideal candidate for the role. Of course, there is no guarantee you will get an interview as there may well be someone more suitable for the position than you.

For someone applying for a job in care or in nursing, different keywords and phrases will be used on their CV. Therefore there no magic words or phrases that can sell any CV regardless of the industry, but by using the right keywords for the job you are applying for you can increase your chances for an interview with the hiring company.

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