ways to shorten a long CV

A long CV can be a letdown when you are searching for a job as it can be difficult to read. Make it easy for the reader by shortening it. Your CV should ideally be no more than two pages. Here are 4 ways to shorten a long CV:

1. Use bullet points

Don’t use long sentences or paragraphs, use bullet points to create a list that highlights key skills and responsibilities. This will make it easy for the reader to see your skills and achievements without having to read unnecessary descriptive words and sentences.

2. Mention key tasks (and not every single task)

If you feel like you’re writing endless bullet points, cut them down. Check if you are repeating yourself in some of them and eliminate any repetition. Some tasks are also not worth mentioning because you don’t need specific skills or training to do them, recognise them and remove them to shorten your CV.

3. Cut out old irrelevant jobs

Many people have a habit of listing all of their jobs – this is not necessary. If you have been working for years in a particular field and have gained the necessary knowledge and expertise in that sector, then you can remove some of your earlier jobs from your CV. Your supermarket job is now irrelevant if you’re working as an accountant.

4. Avoid long sentences

Stay away from long sentences as most employers don’t like to spend a long time reading CVs. Most of them just skim through to see if you’ve done similar jobs in the past and have the relevant skills. Make it easy for their eyes to catch what they are looking for by presenting your CV in a reader-friendly manner. Make sentences short, clear and concise.

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