Things to Leave out of Your CV

Writing a CV for the first time can be difficult – for some, even the second or third time – here are some obvious things you should definitely leave out of your CV.

1. A picture

Don’t add a picture to a CV unless your looks are what they are looking for in the role. Imagine a doctor getting her job for her looks – would you ever want this doctor to examine you if you were really ill? I’m sure you would prefer the hairy guy with the glasses who got the job because of his knowledge. Another reason for avoiding pictures; they draw too much attention and not always for reasons you would like.

2. Your marital status and other personal information

Don’t provide too much personal information on your CV. Leave out personal information such as your date of birth, marital status, how many children or pets you have, your sexual orientation, religion or ethnic background. Some companies will give you an Equal Opportunities form to fill in, where you will be expected to provide some of this information, but until they do, don’t volunteer.

3. Your full address

Don’t include your full home address on a CV. Why? Because sometimes you don’t know whose hands your CV will end up in, so keep some information private – especially if you are posting it on job sites. You can mention the city, and even the road you live in, but don’t provide the full home address.

4. National Insurance Number

For obvious security reasons you should never share your National Insurance Number on your CV. Once you are employed your new company will ask for it, as well as other personal information.

5. Your signature

This shouldn’t be on your CV, leave it out. Signatures are often used in important documents where proof of identity is required, CVs aren’t the case. The company can have your signature once they hire you but not before then as there is no agreement.

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