A break from your career can make it difficult to get back into the job market. Follow these 4 tips to help you to get back into full-time employment after a career break.

1. Part-time and freelance positions

If you find it difficult to get a full-time job after a career break, it may be wise to consider a part-time position to ease you back into employment.  It will give you the confidence you need and can possibly lead to a full-time post. Freelance work can also open doors and lead to full-time employment. If you do a good job most companies will offer you more work and even a full-time post if and when it becomes available.

2. Settle for a more humble position

If you’ve been away from work for a long time, it can be hard to find a job, and even harder to score the more senior roles. Settle for less senior roles to get your foot back in the door. Some employers may find you over-qualified – explain to them that you have been unemployment (giving the reason) for some time and that you are looking to brush-up your skills and confidence.

Tips to get back into employment after career break

3. Create the perfect CV

Explain the reason for the career break. Were you on parenting leave? Did you spend some time travelling? If there are any notable skills gained during this time, mention them. And ensure you connect these skills to the job requirements. Highlight all your strengths, always matching these to the job requirements.

4. Brush-up your networking skills

It is also important to start and grow your network. Work on your networking skills by connecting with former colleagues and recruiters. These people will help you to reconnect with businesses and positions that aren’t possibly advertised already. Make use of social media, but direct approach also works.

If you found our tips to help you to get back into employment after a career break helpful, then may also like our earlier tips and advice on how to improve your chances of getting a job in this article. If you would like one of our experts to give you a free CV review, please get in contact.

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