Improve Your Chances of Getting a Job

Searching for a job can be challenging and exhausting. Sometimes these challenges can be exacerbated by the economic condition or your circumstances. Here are some helpful tips that will improve your chances of getting a job.

Get your CV and cover letter into the best condition

Make sure your CV is well written and strongly highlights your skills and achievements. Unless you are applying for a job in the same field, change or tweak your CV for each role. Read the job description carefully and match your skills and qualifications.

Include a cover letter that is tailored for the role you’re applying for. In other words, each cover letter you send should be specifically written for that particular job.

If you are struggling, it is really worth hiring a professional CV writer. They are experts who know what recruiters want to see on CVs and what will get your CV pass the ATS robots. The Write CV Cover’s professional service is provided by experts and it’s one of the cheapest in the industry.

Maintain a social media presence

Social media plays a huge role in our modern society and it can help jobseekers. This will really improve your chances of getting a job. Find the social media network your industry is active in, the most, and join. Most professionals use LinkedIn to connect, but you may find for your industry/sector it is Twitter or Facebook.

Join online communities and widen your social network. There are plenty of online forums where you can get career advice and help.

Apply, apply and apply…

There are people who think if they apply for 10 jobs in a month they will be hired. Unless you are highly experienced individual or an executive-level jobseeker you are going to be disappointed. For top jobs, the number of applicants who qualify are limited, but not for jobs requiring less industry experience or qualifications. Some jobs may receive as many as 500 applicants – 499 people will be disappointed. Apply, apply and apply; unless you are fortunate enough to be an executive-level jobseeker.

Volunteer or do an internship

If you are limited on work experience and you see this as the reason you are not getting the job you want, do some volunteer work or an internship. This is a great way for fresh graduates and people with little work experience to gain valuable experience and skills. You have nothing to lose – travel costs will be paid by the employers – and everything to gain, from new skills to respect from recruiters.

Stay active!

Whatever you do, stay active. Don’t waste this free time you have, instead see it as an opportunity. It is important to maintain, or get into, the habit of starting your day early. Take up a new hobby, be it early morning jogs or knitting. Start reading and use this time to get to know the sectors you are interested in; when you go for your interview you will impress your interviewer.

Also, get more job interviews by creating the perfect CV. Follow this helpful guide.

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