When you experience difficulties finding a job due to little experience, lack of qualifications, or for whatever reason, it can be tempting to lie or exaggerate the truth – don’t! Here is why you shouldn’t lie on a CV or job application:

Liars get caught out

The first reason you shouldn’t lie on a CV or job application is because liars get caught out eventually. You may be tempted to list qualifications or skills you don’t have, but what if you are asked more about it during the interview? Can you explain your way through it? If you can’t, lose that temptation. Other things to avoid lying about include jobs you haven’t done, companies you haven’t worked for and durations you spent with companies. This information can easily be obtained by the employers.

You can experience difficulties fulfilling the job requirements

OK, so you got through the interview stage and got the job. But there is still a risk that you will not be able to fulfil the requirements because you do not have the necessary experience or skills. And the hiring company will not provide you with training because they believe you don’t need it. This will put you in a bad predicament which will eventually lead to a dismissal.

Why you shouldn’t lie on a CV or job application

It can lead to anxiety  

You will not only doubt yourself, but will constantly fear getting caught out for the lies. This will have a profound impact on your psychological wellbeing and will lead to under performance.

When is it OK to lie?

It’s never OK; however little tweaks when you know it will not harm you and prevent you from doing the job is OK. For an example, say you helped your last manager with supervision role whenever she/he was sick or busy with other work commitment and you really want that supervisor role now. You may mention that you took on a supervision role without saying it was only when your manager was not there. In this case, you’ve had the experience and your manager thought you were in a position to lead when they were absent.

The take-home message:

Avoid lies; honesty will serve you better. If you are struggling to get a job, seek help from advisers or see how you can improve your opportunities. Here is an earlier article that provides helpful tips and advice on how to find a job.

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  1. Very genuine and useful topic!
    An interesting aspect is that if you are honest, you increase the probabilities to attract honest employers.
    If an employer can’t recognize or does not seek for authentic people, is the employer that you would like to work for?

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