things that can hinder your career progression

Many factors can hinder your career progression. Here, we discuss 6 things that can hinder your career progression:

1. Lack of focus/ direction

Lack of focus can lead to stagnancy. Assess your place in your career and check if you are where you want to be. Progression is not always ascension up the career ladder; it can be an accumulation of skills and knowledge. Focusing on what you want out of a job can help you to progress in the right direction.

2. Toxic environment

An office environment that is toxic can negatively impact your career progression. From incompetent managers to colleagues who sabotage your efforts, offices have it all. If you happen to find yourself in an environment that proves to be toxic, and therefore hinders your progression, consider leaving. By swapping it for a better place to work, you will focus more and progress in your career path.

3. Depression and emotional impairments

We all find ourselves in a low place at some point in our lives. These moments in darkness can hinder your progression. It can lead to lack of interest in your work and even aggression towards your colleagues. It is important to get support before depression ruins your career.

4. Lack of confidence

Lack of confidence can negatively impact many areas of your career. From promotions to negotiations, those who lack confidence can miss out. Those who are assertive are better at discussing their achievements and goals, and are therefore able to progress quicker, while those who display timid attitude are more likely to be passed over. Work on ways to develop your confidence to achieve more.

6 things that can hinder your career progression

5. Inability to network

Networking can widen your industry contacts and open doors for you. Those who avoid networking often miss out on opportunities to progress their career. Make use of social media and attend conferences to widen your circle.

6. Reacting negatively to criticism

While receiving positive feedback is great, how you react to negative ones can have a greater impact. Those who perceive negative feedback as an attack are unlikely to progress, while those who respond positively are more likely to progress.

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