Let’s admit it; we have all struggled with this: we sat down to write the perfect CV, only to find we have nothing special to write about. All the experiences and achievements gained suddenly seem insignificant. We sit there for hours, trying to carve the best CV we can write, and then we end up being not entirely satisfied! So, why do people find writing their CV/resume difficult?

It’s difficult to describe yourself

Generally people find it difficult to talk about themselves. We can talk about events and other people’s lives in great detail, but when it comes to us, we are suddenly lost for words, especially when we are describing ourselves to strangers.

Describing yourself to a stranger in power is even more difficult. After all somebody employing is someone in power. They have the power to offer you the job you want/need or to reject you.

Don’t think of it as describing yourself, rather as describing what you have learnt, what you were given in terms of achievements and what you can do to excel in the job.

They find it boastful

When writing about your career, it may be the case that some experiences become insignificant, whilst others may make you appear boastful, at least in your mind. The fear of coming across boastful puts a lot of people off from showcasing their key skills and achievements.

You are not boasting, you are giving the recruiter what they want to see. So, list your awards, your best achievements and don’t fear coming across haute, if it’s all true. If they don’t want someone highly skilled for the job, then they can find the less skilled worker they are looking for.

They don’t know what recruiters want

Sometimes candidates don’t really know what they recruiter is really looking for, so they panic about what to write in their CV. So instead being honest about their skills and relevant experience, they focus more on what would land them an interview.

If you find yourself in a predicament like this, read the job description and requirements. Think about your work experience, skills and education and how they will help you to thrive as an employee.

CV writing actually needs skills

Lastly, CV/resume writing isn’t actually easy. Even people working in communication roles get it wrong. We once worked on communication director’s CV. It was five pages long and almost read as an easy rather than a CV.

So if you are struggling with it, don’t beat yourself over it, hire a professional and let them present your knowledge and expertise to hiring managers.

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