Sometimes the traditional routes, or often go-to routes, can seem like saturated paths when it comes to job search. You may be disheartened by the number of applicants on online job board sites and may fear you’re among hundreds who had applied for the same job. Some job posting sites actually show you the number of job seekers who applied for the same position. Looking outside the box CAN really help in your search for a job during difficult times.

If your typical methods of applying for a job are not working, get creative and see what can work. Employers are always willing to give creative minds a chance. As long as they have the right experience and/or qualifications for the role, of course.  

Here, we give you our own tips on other (less conventional) ways to look for a job in today’s employment market… 

1. Go to job Fairs in your “outside the box” search

Job fairs were very popular before the internet took over and we gravitated towards a more easy and convenient way to apply for jobs. No more visiting recruitment offices or handing CVs out to companies. Click APPLY and your CV is sent! That’s the easy part, of course, then comes the difficult part of impressing your potential employer.  

With job fairs, you can actually by-pass the CV screening stages if you really impress the people you meet at the fair. They often include professionals from the HR department.  

You can have an informal chat with them and hand them a copy of your CV. If the connection was great, they will arrange for more contact with you. You have the potential to meet hundreds of employers, including leading companies. The best part about meeting through this informal way is that you can be yourself more and they can actually have a better picture of you. So, if you are called in for a formal office interview, you can be sure you made a good impression. 

On Thursday 21 July 2022, Wembley Stadium will be hosting a huge jobs fair. The event is free to attend! You will get the chance to meet and have a chat with employees from leading companies including Google, Tesla and Ikea.  

How to impress at a job fair? Dress smart, have your CV ready and try to get to know the companies there before you go, so you can ask the right questions. The more interest you take, the more they will be impressed.  

2. Get in touch with former colleagues 

Don’t be shy or ashamed to ask former colleagues for help. In fact, a lot of people in high places got to where they are with the help of a friend or someone they once knew professionally.  

Connect with them on LinkedIn if you don’t have their telephone or email and pick up where you left off, before asking them about possible job opportunities at their company. If you haven’t been in touch for a long time, it is best to connect through professional networking sites like LinkedIn. It sets the tone right away.  

3. Get directly in contact 

Search Job Outside the Box

Don’t wait for a job to be posted online somewhere. Reach out to the companies you are interested in working for. Send a letter of interest to HR explaining the reason you are getting in contact and attach a copy of your latest CV. If you can’t find their email, connect on LinkedIn. Impress them and they will get back to you. If you are the right type of candidate for a role they are recruiting for in the near future, imagine the amount of time and money you will save them in hiring recruitment companies and going through endless CVs! 

4. Showcase your work online 

Make the most of social media and the online world, so employers come to you! If you have a portfolio online that showcases your work perfectly, there’s a good chance those working in your sector will at some point come across it. That’s if you market it well!  

Online portfolios, including blog posts, research reports, marketing materials, large social media followers and engagement, all work well in attracting clients and potential employers.  

5. Grow your industry connections 

Join professional social media networks like LinkedIn and connect with recruiters and HR professionals. Follow companies on Twitter and engage with their connect, retweeting or commenting. You may be surprised to see some of them follow you back.  

Networking opportunities are not just limited to the online world. There are plenty of meetings and networking opportunities in big cities like London where you can meet professionals working your sector. It’s all informal, but professional, so a real chance to make great connections.  

Want to know how your CV and/or cover letter stack up against the competitors’? Send it to us and we will review it for you, and it’s free!  

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