Those who follow their childhood dream job are happier

A recent survey conducted by Perkbox Insights found that those who follow their childhood dream job are happier. 64% of 1,567 British participants wished they pursued their childhood dream jobs. While 96% of workers did not succeed in making their childhood dream a reality, the 4% who pursued their dream jobs were happier.

The survey also revealed popular childhood dream jobs; with 10% of Brits dreaming of becoming vets and 9% dreaming of becoming teachers. Other popular careers include pilot and acting (6% each).

While realistic dreams of becoming a teacher or a lawyer are more likely to become true with 14% working in their respective fields, others who dreamt of a career in acting or sports found themselves in other fields.

Does following your childhood dream job make you happier?

The answer is yes, with 92% of those who did reporting that they are happy with their jobs. 84% of those who did not pursue their childhood dream job also said they are happy with their job, leaving 16% – twice the number – unhappy.

43% of participants – 28% of women and 15% of men – reported lack of talent, resources or opportunity as reasons for not pursuing their dream jobs.

The amount of training required for some jobs, including vet and pilot, put off 9% of respondents, while 8% were put off by low wages.

So while pursuing your childhood dream job can make you happier, following other career paths can also bring joy and satisfaction to your work life. 32% of the people surveyed went into their current field because they were interested in it and 99% – a greater number – are happy with their career choices.

Others who are similarly satisfied with their jobs include 25% who used their talents, with 95% of them saying they are happy. A further 15% followed their study paths and 94% of them are happy with their current jobs.

Those who pursued higher paying jobs reported greater dissatisfaction, with 18% saying they are unhappy.  

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