When you hire a professional CV writer, you are far more likely to get more interviews. The professionals that write CVs know exactly what the hiring managers are looking for. They have been working in the recruitment sector, or have been writing CVs, for years.

Their job is to produce the CVs that they liked receiving when they were hiring, and other hiring managers would want to see.

A recent case involving a client

One client recently sent us his CV. It was filled with duties and tasks performed, but there were no mention of any achievements. Quick message to the client and we received this: “Oh yes, I received awards and even free trips to Europe.”

As unbelievable as it may seem, many jobseekers often leave out the key achievements that would get them the interviews. These achievements are exactly what would get this man the interviews he wanted. And easily in the door of his next role, but a bad CV was letting him down.

We corrected the mistake, of course, and turned that bad CV into a winner’s document.

Don’t let a bad CV hold you back

Don’t fall into the habit of relying on an outdated, badly written CV. Revamp your CV and get it into the perfect form. Spend an entire weekend, if you have to, and mould it into an art piece that sells your professional expertise and skills. You can follow our step-by-step guide on how to write the perfect CV here.

If you don’t have a weekend to dedicate to CV writing, hire a professional CV writer. We are here to help. We take the hassle out of CV writing by offering to write the perfect CV for you, so you can focus on other important things in your life.

Hire a professional CV writer

The Write CV Cover’s CV writing service is one of the most affordable. We do not charge customers hundreds of pounds for packages that JUST consist of CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile as we have seen the bigger companies do.

Our services are delivered by industry experts, so you will not be paying for lower quality. In fact, some of us have worked for some of these well known CV writing companies.

Whether you are working on your first CV or you are an executive-level professional looking to enhance their CV, we can help you.

Not only do our professional CV writers have expert knowledge of the recruitment and HR sectors, but they are also very knowledgeable about the English language. They will not make common grammar mistakes or spelling errors. Obvious errors in the use of the English language can be very off-putting and some hiring managers will not read beyond these errors.

Our CV writers also know how to get your CV pass the dreaded applicant tracking system (ATS) test. The current belief is that more than 70% of CVs end up in a “black hole” (where they are never seen by the recruiter) because the candidates never formatted their CVs correctly.

Professionals whose CVs we have written include: employees of leading pharmaceutical companies, a government official and financial experts working in the banking industry.

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