If you are looking for work, you are probably asking yourself: What is the best way to find a job fast? Nobody wants to be unemployed for too long. Here, we give you 8 quick tips to find a job fast.

1.     Create jobseeker profiles

Use leading job platforms like Reed and Indeed, to create a jobseeker’s profile. Fill your profile with keywords, so your profile appears in searches.

Online profiles let the recruiter come to you.

2.     Apply for different roles

Don’t just apply for the perfect job or the one you really want, in desperate times it’s good to be flexible.

Make sure you tailor your CV for each job, as a generic CV will not impress hiring managers.

3.     Dedicate time

7 Quick Tips to Find a Job Fast

Seeking a job is a job itself, so dedicate the time needed to get the job done. Spend the hours not just applying for roles, but also do research on the companies posting the job ads. To find a job fast, you really have go beyond just responding to ads by sending your CV.

4.     Create the perfect CV and cover letter

Craft the perfect CV and cover letter. Let these two documents represent how great you are for the role.

Use keywords and showcase your achievements. Do not just fill your CV with a list of duties and responsibilities.

Ensure your CV is edited to pass the applicant tracking system (ATS) test, so your CV does not become one of the 70% plus CVs that end up in what’s known as the “black hole”. Please read this post on how to pass the ATS test.

We are also currently providing free CV reviews. Use this link to send us your CV, if you would like an expert review.

5.     Network to find job

Connect with recruiters and hiring managers on social media. Hiring managers and recruiters sometimes approach candidates on platforms like LinkedIn, so create a great profile that attracts the attention of recruiters.

Networking is a great way to connect with those working in your industries.

6.      Join a freelancers’ platform

Freelancing is a growing trend and plenty of businesses, mainly small, are using freelancers for just about anything; from telemarketing and copywriting to video editing and online teaching. The best part: you can do the job from anywhere.

Join freelance platforms and create a winning profile that attracts attention, then start selling your skills.

7.      Directly send your CV to recruiters and companies

Get hired

Send your CV to recruitment agencies and companies directly. They may have roles that just became available, in which case you’re in a perfect position to be considered first.

Don’t just send a CV; take the time to write a good cover letter explaining why you are getting in touch.

8.      Apply for volunteer jobs

Volunteering doesn’t just connect you with an organisation; it is also a great way to build up your skills and knowledge. And if you do a good, the company may hire you as a paid worker.

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