If you are wondering if CV/resume writers are worth your money, then you probably landed on the right post. We are professional CV writers and believe we are absolutely worth the money you will pay. Here are the reasons:

You need the help of professional CV/resume writers

If you are asking the question (are CV/resume writers worth the money?) then you probably need help with your CV. And why not pay someone if you can afford it, and they can do a great job. Professional CV writers often have years of experience, not in just CV writing, but also as hiring managers or recruiters themselves. They have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done in the best quality.

CV/resume writers know how to beat the ATS

Today, many of the large companies and recruiters use applicant tracking system (ATS). This software enables them to receive documents deemed qualified by the ATS. It is believed that more than 70% of CVs or resumes are never seen by hiring managers because they were not formatted correctly, so the software binned them.

It is really important to take the time, or pay someone, to ensure your CV is formatted correctly and contains all the right keywords.

You can read one of our earlier blog posts on how to pass the ATS test here.

Professional CV/resume writers can showcase your skills effectively

Are cv resume writers worth the money?

Quite often jobseekers lack the ability to highlight relevant skills and knowledge effectively. Sometimes the information is there, but it’s hard to find.

At other times, candidates fear coming across boastful and shy away from using certain language and keywords.

CV/resume writers are worth the money as they can easily see red flags

If there are any red flags on your CV, they can see it and alert you to it. Red flags can include gaps, which they can help you to fill, and untailored CVs. These, as well as grammar and spelling errors, are the reasons why CV writers are worth the money.

They are trained writers who are worth the money

As professional writers, they are far more likely to do a better job at wording your career history and aspirations than you. They know the sentences and keywords needed to get your CV noticed.

Take home message

You are paying for someone’s expertise and kills, plus you free up time for yourself: time that you can use for more enjoyable things, whilst someone spends those hours crafting your CV into an art piece. So, if you can afford it, purchase the service of CV/resume writers, they are worth the money. Just don’t spend £100 (or as we have unbelievably seen on some sites, hundreds of pounds).

The Write CV Cover offers top quality service at an affordable price. To get a quote, contact us here and we will get back to you.

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